• Dan Carlton

Your mission budget is declining, your deferred maintenance is increasing . . .

It’s annual church budget time and your income has been relatively unchanged for the last 5 years, the HVAC system is on its last legs, the carpet in the sanctuary is tattered, and the potholes in the parking lot are getting bigger. You need to “find” some money to deal with these very real deferred maintenance issues. You keep hearing from younger members who want to be involved in missions that make an impact and older members who are loyal to the denominational mission program that we need to give more to missions. Sadly, if you are like too many churches you will “punt” deferred maintenance to another year and do all you can to keep the mission budget where it is.

But what if there was a way to increased your deferred maintenance budget AND your mission impact? Many churches have subsidized daycares for years without thinking about why they are doing this and is there a way for the daycare to cover their cost of building use. Many start up businesses can’t afford the cost of a commercial kitchen or a lease in an office park. In working with outside partners in church facilities my hope they help us build more relationships with the community and cover the cost of the building. When you find those kinds of partners you have a “win-win” and your mission impact and deferred maintenance get a much needed boost!

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