At Created Leaders we can help your church be the center of founder, business and organizational transformation in your community through mini-acceleration.  In this process, you can select church members as mentors and local business and non-profit teams with our specially designed experiential learning program and curriculum to help them drive impact and take their organization forward.

Access to capital

We can help you understand how to connect founders in your community to capital.  We love to train members of your community to work with the organizations around you to organize working capital for founders, business and organizations you want to help transform.  This allows individuals to view you in a completely different light.  We can even invite you to a digital community to post, share and fund needs in your community.

use your space

Want to learn how to transform your space to support your community better, perhaps even turn it into a revenue-generating asset for you and a home for innovation in your community.  You can do it, and we can help. 

Digital community

Take your collaboration to the next level by building a vibrant digital community with those around you.  Quickly learn how to share digital content, learning, and connections to allow your community, partners and members flourish.

Take the Next Step

If you want to recast the future of the church as an engaged builder we want to hear from you!


Created Leaders exists to help faith communities be leaders in revitalizing their neighborhoods.

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