• Dan Carlton

Church Space as a Mission Resource

We have properties committees, maintenance staff, contractors and those “special” church members that help keep an eye on church facilities. But is anyone looking at the real estate assets that church’s hold. (There are certainly some who are not fans of the church or our tax exempt status that are looking!) But who in the church is charged with making sure we use the real estate assets well? Most churches sit empty for large portions of the week. Yet many churches are located in great locations where there is a need for space. Many churches open up their doors for some community gathering and a significant portion of the daycare needs in America are met through church buildings. But could we think broader than that? Could church buildings be used to empower business start ups? Could we provide collaborative work spaces? Could we use commercial kitchens to create phenomenal products and life change (like Together We Bake)? I believe there are people who will experience the mission of God through first experiencing church space as a mission. The possibilities are exponential in most communities. Will we look at church space in a new way or we will continue to let it be dormant?

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