• Todd Nuckols

Your startup is NOT your identity!

As I have worked with dozens of startup companies over the years, it has been a priviledge to support the tireless efforts of talented, focused founders. What I have discovered will be no surprise to anyone. These individuals are driven. They believe deeply about the work they do! This is particularly true of social entrepreneurs where cause and execution come together in a perfect all consuming storm of great intention.

If I could help founders understand one simple truth as they strive to achieve it would be a truth inspired by the book Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller. What you do for your career is NOT your identity. You heard that correct. The success or failure of your enterprise, no matter how laudable the cause or amazing the idea, does not define you. Believe me when I say that this matters.

And for founders who lean into faith this truth should be evident. Our identity is found in Christ loving us! The beginning and the end of the story. Why is this so important?

It frees you to try.

It frees you to fail.

It frees you to work with talented others.

It frees you to make mistakes and bounce back.

It frees you for success!

As faith communities embrace supporting founders, creators and startups we have this unique truth to offer these passionate people. I encourage us to embrace it as the starting point!

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